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Three Sisters Group provides consultancy and advisory services on the 50+ market for organisations seeking to effectively reach and capitalise on the potential of this burgeoning market.  From delivering insights to co-creating innovation, Three Sisters Group is committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise to achieve better business and customer outcomes for our clients.


Because we believe we can all contribute to a healthier and happier conversation about becoming older leading to better outcomes for us all as we age. (And let’s face it, everyone gets older one day.)

Australia’s population is ageing rapidly which means new business opportunities await. However, outdated stereotypes about Baby Boomers abound.

It’s time to innovate.

It’s time to revisit how we think about this demographic

It’s time to re-evaluate our business, research & marketing strategies.

Here’s a short version of the award-winning presentation I gave on this topic at the 2016 Australian Market & Social Research Society Conference.

Five Facts about Ageing

  • One-third of Australia’s population is over 50 years of age of which 80% are between 50 – 74 years old.

  • Baby boomers are better educated, more technology literate, fitter, and healthier than previous generations, and spend more per head than younger people.

  • Baby boomers spend more per head than younger people.

  • There is greater diversity of attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, and lifestyles amongst people over 50 than there is with those under this age.

  • Those over 50 have a sense of freedom, confidence, and an overall sense of happiness and wellbeing compared with their younger counterparts.



“Congratulations on the award you received. Your talk was definitely great and highly meaningful. Personally, I very much enjoyed it in both content and delivery. Just as a note, I very rarely praise conference talks when it comes to content.”

Nick Naumof, Keynote Speaker & Behavioural Science Specialist

“It was a real privilege to have Catherine speak at our event, she is truly one of those inspirational, positive people that one meets all too infrequently in life.”

Mike Beder, Managing Director, Qualitative Recruitment Australia

“Thank you for a really lovely evening, an inspiring presentation and a spirited debate!  It helped me greatly the very next day as I was in Canberra to present some findings around a very relevant topic. And in the longer term this made me re-evaluate how and why I should be including more senior age groups across all my research – and not be so ageist myself!”

Monica Greenwood, Research Director, Bastion Latitude

“I heard Catherine at the AMSRS conference and thought she was fantastic. She opened our eyes to the importance of the older consumer and how as an industry we have neglected this group. I then invited Catherine to Kimberly-Clark where she similarly highlighted to my team the importance of the older consumer. She emphasized how communications currently don’t appropriately target this group and how organizations have a responsibility to appropriately speak this important consumer. Catherine is a great advocate for our consumers.”

Alla Nock, Marketing Research, Analytics & Capability Manager, Kimberly-Clark Australia

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Challenge & Opportunities in Breaking Down Age Stereotypes

  • The Facts
  • The Opportunity
  • The Essentials for Success

As people are living longer lives today than at any other time in history, pervasive stereotypes about getting older are needlessly limiting society’s productivity and sustainability. This paper outlines the current situation, the facts, opportunities, and essentials for businesses challenged by, or curious about the over-50s age segment.

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