5 lessons from ‘The Intern’

OK.  It is Hollywood.  It is a little unreal.  BUT, it’s fun, funny, and I like some of what it suggests (albeit in a Hollywood way).  Here’s what I think we can learn from this movie:

  1.  Old ways can be good ways and still have relevance today – even in a fast moving tech world. e.g. face-to-face communication vs email or text; smart dressing in a business environment.
  2. Work can add meaning, purpose, fun, and connection in retirement in ways that are only discovered when you give it a go.
  3. Experience and wisdom gained through age is still valuable in today’s radically different and ever changing world.
  4. Knowing when to keep a confidence and when to share can be tricky regardless of your age.
  5. You’re never too old to start a new relationship or have a housemate.

I liked this movie.  If you watch it I’d be interested to hear what you learned about life.  Here’s the trailer to tempt you …


*Image Source: YouTube Official Trailer from Warner Bros. Pictures

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