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What if …

we measure ourselves against ourselves and not against an external benchmark of what’s considered ‘normal’. What if we acknowledge that wherever we’re at with our health, physical fitness, parenting, caring, work, or any other aspect of our lives is great. The difference it can make to our attitude and our success can be profound according […]

One simple idea to disrupt ageism.

Getting older is potentially powerful. Nearly 8 million Australians are over 50 years of age – that’s one-third of the country’s population! Yet how we perceive getting older and how older people are treated influences employment opportunities, lifestyle choices, health management, and marketing campaigns. Here’s one simple way that we can all challenge and disrupt age […]

Old person in training :-)

I’ve recently finished Ashton Applewhite’s book: ‘This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism’. Applewhite is a skilled writer, thorough researcher, and great commentator on becoming older.  One of my favourite takeaways was the idea that we are ALL old people in training. Why’s this idea important?