Building knowledge & expertise for more creativity & innovation.

Do you need to build greater silver market understanding in your team? Or, perhaps you’d like to explore the implications of tackling this market in more detail. We’ll facilitate a Masterclass that provides tools and frameworks for your team to gain insights on this substantial market and consider the possibilities to develop their ideas further.

| How?

  • Our first step is to have an in-depth discussion or two so that we understand the challenges you face in considering this market.
  • We’ll provide a one-day Masterclass that encourages a two-way dialogue and team discussion.
  • Depending on the issues raised during our initial discussions we’ll invite guest speakers or include a panel discussion.

| What’s the result?

  • An engaged, motivated team ready to think outside the box for silver market innovation.
  • A team equipped with knowledge and tools to consider new ideas beyond the age stereotypes and generational labels.