Create teams ready to embrace the 100 Year Life

Are you ready to take the step towards creating a workplace culture that harnesses the gift of longer lives? We’re thrilled! Our expertise, combined with the knowledge and skills of our carefully chosen partners, will enable your employees to imagine and create a future beyond age stereotypes and generational labels. The goal? For your organisation to reduce HR costs by building a workforce that reflects the changing demographic landscape.

| How?

  • Through a series of individual conversations, roundtable discussions, and workshops we’ll provide tools and frameworks to empower your staff and teams to co-create an environment that welcomes and utilises age as the asset and gift we’ve all been given.
  • In conjunction with our virtual reality (VR) partner, we develop VR experiences that reflect widespread workplace situations that can be delivered anywhere in Australia or the world.

| What’s the result?

  • A reduction in recruitment and training costs.
  • An uplift in employee capability and confidence to embrace and support longer working lives
  • Tools that can be embedded into workplace training programs.