The services offered by Three Sisters Group have been designed to take clients on a journey of discovery. From tailor-made presentations, to the provision of insights relevant to your industry, customer research and customer journey mapping, through to subject matter expertise, and strategic planning facilitation, we are here to deliver evidence-based benefits and outcomes for our clients. For clients seeking to take a thought-leadership position in their industry, or develop material upon which to leverage content through a variety of media and platforms we are also able to research and write industry-specific White Papers on the over 50’s market.

Thought Provoking Presentations

Kick starting the dialogue on the over 50’s is often made simpler when your audience is enthused due to insights and understanding gained from an energetic and enthusiastic speaker. Dr Rickwood consistently receives compliments for her enlightening and lively presentations.

If you’re seeking to…

  • Initiate a discussion
  • Inform a conversation
  • Inspire an audience

then we encourage you to consider one of the following:

All presentations are tailor-made to your objectives and your audience.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

Educational Sessions

Intended for a small number of staff or team members to provide insights on the population over 50.  This is an introductory session on the topic encompassing basic demographic and psychographic considerations and their implications for individuals and businesses today.


Suggested for providing added value to clients or customers in a boardroom style format, briefings enable attendees to engage in a deeper discussion about the topic following an initial presentation of 20-30 minutes.


Devised to inform and educate participants whilst simultaneously outlining potential personal and/or business actions to positively embrace ageing and the ageing population. Generally 1 hour in duration, seminars are often a good preliminary introduction to undertaking a more comprehensive strategic planning workshop.


A one or two day immersion designed to bring staff on a journey of understanding and insights about the over 50’s, organisational analysis, identification of business opportunities, leading to a detailed strategic and execution plan to meet overall business objectives.

Panel Discussions

With knowledge and expertise that spans demographics, psychographics, health, and technology, to urban planning and design, Dr Rickwood is well positioned to participate in a panel discussion on the topic of the ageing population.

Corporate Conferences

Whether you require a keynote speaker, panel discussion moderator or plenary session speaker, Dr Rickwood is available to participate in your conference. As a researcher at heart Dr Rickwood promises to bring the latest evidence and knowledge to your audience in an informative and engaging presentation.  Similarly, as a discussion moderator Dr Rickwood will do her homework beforehand and use her training and skills to draw insights from panel members.

Presentations range from 20 minutes to 1 hour and are specifically designed for the audience.

Industry insights

To include ‘Living Insights’ in a forward thinking plan requires understanding of what is already known and relevant to your industry and business. Three Sisters Group researches and deliver all the latest Australian and global knowledge and wisdom you’ll need to ensure that your planning session leads to an innovative, leading edge blueprint for including the over 50’s in your future business growth.

Customer research

The first step to success in any business planning is to understand your customer. Insights.

Whether working with your Insights or Data Analytics Team to flesh out the insights needed or undertaking qualitative or quantitative research, we are committed to understanding your customer with a sense of genuine curiosity.

Customer journey mapping

With a commitment to placing the customer at the centre of our work and seeking to partner with organisations to develop and deliver improved products, services, and experiences inclusive of all age groups, we work with you to map your customer’s experience to identify areas of improvement for the future.

Subject matter expert

Dr Rickwood is available to participate in brainstorming sessions and strategic planning meetings as a third party expert to deliver deeper insights and understanding of the challenges, possibilities and implications for the business seeking to be more inclusive of people over 50 years old.

Strategic planning facilitation

Garnering support for a new approach and including all relevant personnel in the strategic planning process is crucial to the success of that plan. We work with you to plan and facilitate your strategic planning session and subsequently document the plan with agreed SMART outcomes and next steps.

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