Shades of white

White is white.

Until you try to choose white paint.

If you’ve ever tried to choose white paint you’ll know just how tricky it is to choose the shade of white you’d like to paint a room or a house.

Ageing is the same.  Here’s why.

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What if …

we measure ourselves against ourselves and not against an external benchmark of what’s considered ‘normal’. What if we acknowledge that wherever we’re at with our health, physical fitness, parenting, caring, work, or any other aspect of our lives is great. The difference it can make to our attitude and our success can be profound according to Dr Dave Alred who spoke at a conference I attended recently. This is what I learned ..

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Old person in training :-)

I’ve recently finished Ashton Applewhite’s book: ‘This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism’. Applewhite is a skilled writer, thorough researcher, and great commentator on becoming older.  One of my favourite takeaways was the idea that we are ALL old people in training. Why’s this idea important? Read more

What is the future of ageing?

I recently attended ‘The Future of Ageing’ conference run by the Arts Health Institute. It was an informative, action-packed, fun 2 days with a range of expert speakers intermingled with singing, comedy, films, and a dance performance written, choreographed, and designed by an inspiring 101 year old dancer who also performed in the show.  The underlying message and theme throughout the conference was …

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Why laughter is the best medicine

Recently I attended a forum on ‘Humour and Happiness for Healthy Ageing‘.  It was interesting, fun, and informative.  This is some of what I learned.

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6 factors to consider so you can stay at home as you age

Whilst some of us are happy to move to a retirement village when we’re older it’s not for everyone.  I’m probably in this latter group.  However, a danger of remaining at home is loneliness and isolation and potentially poorer health.  Keep reading to learn what we need to consider to remain healthy and happy if we want to remain at home.

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