Shades of white

White is white.

Until you try to choose white paint.

If you’ve ever tried to choose white paint you’ll know just how tricky it is to choose the shade of white you’d like to paint a room or a house.

Ageing is the same.  Here’s why.

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4 personal lessons about ageing

The creeks had burst their banks, the only road out was flooded with water hurtling past at over 1metre high and powerful enough to sweep any vehicle downstream along with trees and all manner of debris that was loose and vulnerable to such strength and intensity. There’s no landline, no mobile, no Internet and I’m by myself.  Whilst I’m happily ensconced in the warmth of our shed with a fire constantly burning I’m acutely aware of my isolation. Combined with my forced isolation and the company of Martin Seligman and Gloria Steinem, here’s the four things I discovered about me and ageing …

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Tackling technology. Why bother? And … saying ‘no’.

Many years ago I saw a landscaper standing on the path with his smart phone leaning against a rock as he did sign language. I marvelled at the freedom this technology had provided to the hearing impaired who use sign language as they could now visually communicate with each other using a phone. Smart phones, computers, the internet, and social media are all fantastic innovations. They provide freedom and connection. But for some it does neither.  For some, technology equals …

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