Unravelling the buried insights & truths about your mature customer.

What questions are you asking your customers? Perhaps you have a hunch that you know something about your older customers but you’re not sure where to start to unearth the insights . Our knowledge and expertise will help you decipher the data and reveal the gaps worthy of further exploration.

| How?

  • We’ll start with conversations. With you, key stakeholders and the team, to learn what information you have about your older customer.
  • Together with your team we’ll ask questions of your data and identify the gaps in knowledge.
  • Using best practice research techniques we’ll develop a deeper understanding of your customer.
  • Ideation & co-creation workshops will turn insights into possibilities.

| What’s the result?

  • Deep insights on your mature customers.
  • A team inspired and empowered to incorporate the silver market into future business strategies for greater growth.
  • Sophisticated thinking that’s unconstrained by stereotypes and generational labels.
  • A kitbag of ideas and opportunities that can be explored for enhancing business growth.